Contact EZ-CO When Your Tank Kicks the Bucket

Contact EZ-CO When Your Tank Kicks the Bucket

We provide hassle-free pressure tank services in Utica, Sangerfield, Hamilton & New Hartford, NY

A faulty pressure tank can leave your Sherburne, NY area home without running water and really ruin your day. If you're having problems with water pressure, trust EZ-CO Plumbing for expert pressure tank services.

For reliable well pressure tank repair or replacement work, contact one of our plumbers today.

3 ways to check for pressure tank malfunctions

There are several easy ways to find out if your pressure tank is working properly. Check to see if you need well pressure tank repair services by:

  1. Turning on your faucets—if you can see or feel the water pressure constantly changing, your tank is probably malfunctioning
  2. Knocking gently on the top of your tank—if it sounds full rather than hollow, your tank might be waterlogged
  3. Checking the pressure gauge—if the needle keeps bouncing from the low to the high point or the reading is below 10 psi, your tank may have a broken component

Don’t put up with inconsistent water pressure. Call 607-373-6421 now to request pressure tank services in the Utica, Sherburne, NY area including Utica, Sangerfield, Hamilton & New Hartford.