Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Prepare your home for the battle against frozen pipes in Utica, Sangerfield, New Hartford or Hamilton, NY

As the temperature plummets and you begin pulling out your winter coats to ward off frostbite, don't forget to protect your home from the cold, too. Just call EZ-CO Plumbing.

According to The New York Times, severe winter weather is ranked third as a cause of insured catastrophic losses. Insurance claims for frozen pipes amount to $18,000 on average. Don't be forced to pay for damage caused by frozen pipes - take the initiative with EZ-CO Plumbing's frozen pipe prevention services.

When it's time to ensure your home's winter protection, call us to take care of frozen pipe prevention in Utica, Sherburne, New Hartford, or Hamilton, NY.

EZ-CO Plumbing provides essential winter protection for your home

When winter arrives in Sherburne, Utica, Hamilton and New Hartford, NY and your home is covered in snow, make sure your pipes are protected. Our frozen pipe prevention methods will provide winter protection for your home and keep your wallet well padded.

Contact us now to protect your home and pocketbook with frozen pipe prevention services from EZ-CO Plumbing.